Code of Signals

Chapbook, Moria Poetry / Locofo, 2017

Sherwood's  book-length poem explores Western Pennsylvania, past and present, as a space and culture grounded in fossil fuels-- from ancient dead organisms, to historical remnants of 19th century mining, to current landscape and social transformations in the era of so-called Clean Coal, Green Energy, and Fracking for natural gas extraction. Conceived initially as a digital work, Code of Signals flirts with but largely eschews the controlling energy of the lyric voice in order to compose itself as the reader "mines it," using algorithmic rules to juxtapose original and found texts in dynamic, varying patterns.

More about the Book

Available from the publisher Moria or from the author (

Digital Work

Coal Code Node (runs in Firefox) This is a display program written in P5.js by Kenneth Sherwood for the "Coal, Code, Node" exhibit with Bob Sweeny, October 2018, Kipp Annex. For the installation, a video loop was captured and this projection was combined with a film loop created by Sweeny and projected through a network of ropes strung across the space.

The Map 2016

Coal: First Seam (alogrithmic text/image, php)

Verses from Cento for Robert Creeley (php)

Kodachrome Blue Syntax (flash, audio)

Hard Return (multi-modal chapbook, ASCII and wav, 1995)


Teaching - Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
Center for Digital Humanities and Culture