Coal Code Node

This is a display program written in P5.js by Kenneth Sherwood for the Coal, Code, Node exhibit with Bob Sweeny, October 2018, Kipp Annex.

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Hard Coded controls

Initial Rate is 15.
Use "<" and ">" keys to accelerate or decelerate

Clear limit ranges from 1 tile to 32 (a full grid)
Use keys 1  - 9 to adjust this.

Mouse-click triggers audio and a poscard tile.

Space-bar clears screen and fades audio out.

Audio sequencing. Default audio sequence is random (pulling one of 187 audio files). This can be toggled.
R = random
S = sequential
D = duet (alternating l, r ... )
G = gaps (i.e. semi-sequential, with omissions of 1-3 samples)