Week 13


  1. Discussion of Goldsmith Seven American Deaths and Disasters
    1. Orienting questions
    2. Similarities/differences: “Soliloquy”
    3. The “Title”
    4. How should “uncreative” appropriation of historical “texts” and reframing of literature be valued? Does it raise or lower the bar? Does the “source” matter?
    5. Do we read about these events differently in this book than if we looked up transcripts, learned about it via a Ken Burns documentary etc.
  1. Proposals
    1. Please review my comments
    2. Please make your notes at the bottom of your proposal (highlight)
    3. Let me know (via Teams, w/ link to your proposal) if need clarification.

(For those of you who are writing about the Fountain, you might be interested in this piece which argues Marcel Duchamp is not its creator.)


  1. Begin /continue drafting. Full draft due at class time on Thursday.
  2. Read Chs 2 and 3 (Robert Kennedy, John Lennon)


Post-Thanksgiving plan - see calendar. See homework : Questions?

  • “uncreative writing” as a learning activity in a class
  • VERSUS transcription as a valid mode for creating valuable literature
  • JFK, RFK, Lennon -
    • comparison - groups
    • Reading VERSUS viewing a news transcript VERSUS reading the same (similar? but different) information in _Seven American Death's and Disasters_?
  1. What are the literary qualities?
  2. What are the non-literary qualities?
  3. … uncategorizable
  4. How do the “events” and their treatment in the book compare?



Drafting. Full draft due via OneNote classnotebook by class time Thursday. UnitB-ThesisPaper


**P A P E R __ S W A P**

Live. Via Zoom. I will be taking attendance AND looking to be sure that classmates are giving each other detailed, dedicated revision advice!

Share YOUR DRAFT by pasting into - OneDrive class notebook (may require you to login to IUP first)

CONFUSED???? - Video on How to Share Your Draft . Link

Paper Swap Guidelines Feedback from peers is useful to the writer for a number of reasons. At its simplest, writers need to know what readers take from the text; often we might have something very clear in mind, only to be surprised by what others may not understand. Every set of eyes provides a valuable response. Secondarily, you will become a better writer and editor of your own work through the process of responding to others’ writing. Be kind but honest. Give candid observations and specific advice. Generic comments – “I liked your essay” are really unfair to the writer, since they provide no help.

Please provide specific feedback to your classmate. Ignore mechanics. You are giving advice that will help your classmate make improvements in the areas of content (what you say) and organization (how it is said). Answer these questions AND comment in draft margins.

CONFUSED ??? - Demo video on “commenting” within OneDrive here link


  1. Join breakout room - GROUPS
  2. Find classmates' draft in OneDrive class notebook (may require you to login to IUP first)
  3. Carefully read the draft
  4. Fill out the response template and paste below their draft in the collaboration space
  5. Make specific comments by clicking in the margin, to the right of the draft
  6. Discuss

HW: Choose one additional chapter of Goldsmith to read. ()And read the New York Times review of Seven American Deaths and Disasters in Perusall.. See MS Teams for response space. Write an evaluative sentence or paragraph on the one chapter you chose; position is as having more / less value than other parts. There are four different response areas for this HW in teams. Choose the one corresponding to the chapter you chose.

Did you get good feedback? If not, visit the writing center (or schedule an appointment for today or tomorrow link


  • Discussion of Goldsmith, NYT review
  • Looking at evaluations via Teams.
    • How can we connect value claims with frameworks we've considered over the semester (i.e. Smith, Eaglteon, Dodds, Duchamp, Cage).
    • Writing activity (optional: link)

Revised Draft - DUE on or before 11/30 via OneNote class notebook. You must make revisions between now and then! Your revised draft should in proper form and length unitb-thesispaper. Monday after break, you will sign up for a one-on-one meeting time for paper conferences.