Week 12


Team B in Davis

Discuss Goldsmith, Soliloquy Link

From Elit to … anti-expressive experiments. The “aesthetic” of uncreative or conceptual writing. Cf. Duchamp, Cage. . Challenges to evaluative frameworks.


  1. Drafting - > short_essay_-_e_lit_review Upload by 5pm Tuesday.
  2. Log on to Teams at least twice, commenting or voting in tournament.

Tournament via Teams - Tournament page and bracket


  1. Questions on E-lit Review
  2. Final round of championship: discussion and voting
    1. Our Finalists The Cape, With Those We Love Alive, Separation, and Motions
  3. Meta-discussion
    1. What did/do we value when we evaluate E-lit?
    2. What were strengths and weaknesses in evaluating via the tournament model?
    3. Refs.: BK Smith Value, Evaluation - Eagleton Value - Cage Experimental Music, Duchamp The Blind Man, Strickland Born Digital

E-lit Review due by 5pm today - Upload to class notebook

HW: Read and respond via Perusal to Goldmsith, chapter from Uncreative Writing


Team A in Davis

Evaluation of E-lit

How well does a “tournament” work? Why?

Critical Essays

Brief comments. See Class Notebook

Making Connections

Towards the Thesis Paper

Discuss how “critical review” (evaluation of a specific text or artwork SHOULD be an element of a persuasive essay about Good and Bad).

See Assignment brief: UnitB-ThesisPaper

Postpone to Friday: Goldsmith - Uncreative Writing

  • How do we get from E-lit to conceptual/anti-expressivism?
  • On E-lit, Strickland asserted that “E-lit is the mode of literature appropriate to new social conditions” – what's the kindred claim KG would make for his approach to writing?
  • What does Goldsmith imagine novice writers will gain?
  • What rules / assumptions / tenets of value does this practice call into question?
  • Does it put anything in their place? (Or is it purely negative? )
  • How does “Soliloquy” fit or not fit with the ideas you encountered in KG's _Uncreative Writing_ chapter?


Goldsmith Uncreative Writing Perusal.

Topic Intro - via OneNote Class Notebook


Team B in Davis

Goldsmith discussion

Perusall Questions: link

1) Why is KG interested in recycling, remixing or working with existing materials?

2) How (if at all) do the exercises allow individual expression?

3) What do writers learn from exercises like transcription (according to KG)?

4) What are some values of uncreative writing?


Proposal (due Sunday, 8pm) via OneNote Class Notebooko

Read Ch 01 and Afterward, Goldsmith - _Seven American Deaths and Disasters_