Table of Contents

Week 11


Discussion of Short and Jackson

Orienting Questions

Both “Galatea” and “My Body” are language-based, narrative works that give the readers an interactive role, perhaps even making us co-creators.

  • How do you respond to reading/playing these two works
  • Does the “digital” element impel us to amend our usual criteria for literature?

Emily Short - Galatea (Interactive Fiction) link. On Galatea

Shelly Jackson - My Body a Wunderkammer (Hypertext) link.


I have taken employee personal leave to volunteer as a poll watcher. So, in the spirit of “contests” we will conduct an E-Lit Tournament via MS Teams and the E-lit bracket I have created. You will have to log-on for five rounds to help us choose the winner. Many of the works I've showcased came to my attention through one of three Electronic Literature anthologies.

By midnight, today (Monday) you will need to submit your championship candidate from among the works on these three sites and we'll begin the E-lit Tournament


E Lit Tournament

  • In class discussion
  • Breakout room judging
  • Self - reflection (how much are we applying critical ideas about value? In what ways does the tournament resemble what B H Smith would call institutional processes of evaluation?)

Looking ahead : Short Essay - E Lit Review


Zoom Coffee Hour (optional)


For Monday, read Goldsmith, Soliloquy Link

Choose an Elit work and begin work on your Short Essay - E Lit Review.