Short Essay - Critiical Review

Completed essays will be uploaded to the OneDrive class notebook

This will be a warm-up for your thesis paper. A critical review typically does several things:

  1. provides an overview of its subject
  2. gives background information or context for the reader, if necessary
  3. highlights specific aspects of the subject
  4. evaluates the quality of the subject (against some scale)

You have probably read some movie, album, or video game reviews that follow such a formula. Some reviews also begin with a value claim (like a thesis paper) while others leave it to the conclusion.

  1. Choose one E Lit work to evaluate.
  2. You may quote from the work or include up to two screenshot illustrations if you like.
  3. Please quote from, discuss and cite at least one secondary source to help give context (Smith, Eagleton, or Strickland).
  4. Min 250; max 500 words.