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Zoom room links for presentations: Thurs/Fri class time unit_a_presentations_assignments-links-upload.docx

Unit Presentations and Groups


See rubric: Rubric PDF

  1. Finalize slides
  2. Proofread
  3. Plan transitions / hand-offs
  4. (if time: Process Reflection)

Evaluation Survey:

Results: Google Sheet (sort to see your group)


Revising essays.


Thesis paper

Conferences are going well. You are always free to ask me additional (specific) questions via email. You can always ask a classmate for an additional reading; and remember the IUP Writing Center

Cover Letter - Along with your final draft, I would like you to upload (in a separate file) a one-page cover letter. This should literally be in business letter format. Date, addresses, Dear Prof Sherwood, etc. You can find my address here. This letter should describe your development and revision process, highlighting the steps you took, decisions you made, and work you put in to improve your writing.

Presentation Work


Dress rehearsals - via zoom

I'd like you to present to a group from your class in a Zoom room

  1. time yourself (12 min)
  2. designate the person to run the slideshow
  3. run through the presentation and time it
  4. evalute discuss; See SURVEY LINK.

Finishing Up the Unit

Presentations in other Zoom rooms: Thursday and Friday

Presentation “write-up” due Monday. Please upload to your group space in OneDrive class notebook.

Final revision of essay due Monday. Upload “cover letter” as a separate file in the same space, in your OneDrive class notebook.

Good luck!