Week 5


Synthesis question from last week

Sythesizing Discussion Question - Reflect on the differences and similarities between the four kinds of argument you now understand (or the four kinds of bounded argument spaces). How would you relate them back to the core questions? Are each of these arguments aiming at establishing knowledge, supporting belief? Would they claim to establish truth? Is their aim better described in some other way?

Fish, final chapter.

  • Can images make propositions (cite evidence, give reasons) (190, 192, 194) ?
  • How does fashion make an argument? (196)
  • Why does Fish see Liberalism (Habermas) and Relgion as both “looking forward to the end of argument” (202, 204)
  • For Fish, it's not only that we can't escape argument but, rather, that … this is good! what? (206-9)

Preparing for Tuesday

HW: Rough draft

Please bring a 2 page (500 word) rough draft, printed to class. If you are not going to be able to attend in person, you must upload a copy of your draft to Google Docs or MS Word Online so that you can share it with a classmate. If you are not able to participate in class Tuesday, you should make other arrangements to get peer feedback.


Peer revision

1. Open the peer revision guideline in MS Word Online (requires IUP Logon)

2. Copy and paste into a new document in MS Word Online (or Google Docs). Video Demo

3. Share your draft with your peer. (Swap physical papers OR paste the link to your GoogleDoc or Word Doc into the Zoom chat with your classmate).

4. Read, write your comments, and then discuss.

HW: Revising of your essay - due Friday

HW: Selection from Henry David Thoreau, _Walden_ ; read and annotate in Perusall for Thursday.

Thursday: via Zoom

Introduction to Thoreau

Initial discussion - Where I Lived and What I Lived For

HW: for Friday

Finish your short essay, and upload to the OneDrive Class notebook.

Also, read the second half of Walden C2 in Perusall. There is an “assignment” with a few additional questions you might think about (or you can ask your own quesitons).

Friday: via Zoom

upload issues?

Continued discussion, Henry David Thoreau (C2 Where I lived).

Breakout Small Discussion

We're going to look at 5 moments in the reading that have to do with knowledge. Hurray for #hashtags. In your group, discuss the assigned passage, then you'll come back to the whole class and share your consensus.

(Knowledge or belief? Foundational or anti-foundational? Based in experience and feeling, or fact and logic, or…? Personal and individual or social? Related to Descartes, Clifford, Fish, Antin, Frost ….? )

Knowledge 01


knowledge 03

knowledge 04

knowledge 05

HW: Thoreau - for Monday

Read and annotate Walden, C3 - Reading via Perusall.

Team B ? in Person Monday