Table of Contents

Week 01


outdoors back of Whit. Full class.

Videos: Please view

Syllabus Review

Tutorial on Perusall

Homework: submit reaction to Descartes before unit lecture. How? Go to MS Teams Class Notebook and attach a file in your student/homework space. Quick video tutorial


Zoom - All HNRC 101 students

Dr. McLeod - Unit Lecture -

Homework: Read “Ethics of Belief” William Clifford. (This requires you to access it through Perusall)


Davis 309 - Team A in Person; Team B via Zoom

  • Syllabus Questions
  • Recap and discussion of McLeod / Descartes lecture
  • First Discussion: Ethics of Belief, William Clifford

homework: Continued discussion of Clifford. Read and comment on “Mending Wall” in Perusall.


Davis 309 - Team B in Person; Team A via Zoom


  1. Ordered List ItemWe have a few short online readings ahead, but next week we'll begin work with _Winning Arguments_ by Stanley Fish. Make sure you have that book (it won't be an online reading).
  2. Getting around our class tech toolkit. MS Teams
  • Continued Discussion: Clifford - Ethics of Belief via Perusall
  • Remaining orientation questions (#what)
  • Highlights (#interesting)
  • Options:
    • Consider Frost, Mending Wall, or
    • Make a satellite survey (outline) of the Ethics of Belief in groups

Homework: For Monday: Please read Haskin's “Practical Guide to Critical Thinking” in Perusall. Pay special attention to the table of critical hindrances in the final pages. If you have questions, please markl what passages we should discuss on Monday for clarification and leave a comment. Then I would like everyone to make a comment on one critical hindrance definition, where you find an example “in the world” and give us a link.