HNRC 101 Sherwood


Class Meetings

  • 11:15am-12:05 pm MF
  • 11:00am-12:15 pm TR

Davis Hall 309. / Great Hall (All: Tuesdays) / Outdoors (Weather Permitting). Additional Covid-19 Meeting Details

Course Documents

Week 14

Thesis paper / Final Essay

All classes and meetings via Zoom this week


  1. Paper uploading - via MS OneNote Class Notebook. Questions? Issues?
  2. Final revisions submitted (same method) one week after your conference (1500-2500 words, plus a works cited page). (Content / Organization / Mechanics / Revision)
    1. Revision - please remember revision is not editing, not proofreading!
  3. Final essay should be accompanied by a reflective, business-format cover letter addressing your revision process). Cover letter details



Presentation / Prep / Groups

Unit B Presentations - Details

Presentations will take place on 12/7 (Monday at 11:15am) and 12/8 (Tuesday, for 10:15-12:15).

Remainder of the Week

  1. Everyone will have an individual conference
  2. Work on revising your paper. Maximize your REVISION points by using 'track changes' .
  3. Work on your unit presentations with your group (share the slides with me for review via MS Teams; practice your presentation at least once!).
  4. (Don't forget your fine-arts write-ups or your Unit A Prof)
  5. We'll check-in (briefly) during class time / Zoom on Thursday and Friday

Thursday Check in

  1. Presentations
    1. UPLOAD slides to MS Teams. link
    2. Links to Zoom rooms for Mon/Tuesday in D2L and copy-here
  2. Final Draft submission (& cover letter)
    1. Upload in your personal Class Notebook space
  3. MIni-grammar lesson - agreement. LINK

Friday Check in

  • Slides shared in advance via Teams
  • All groups in breakout rooms OR appointments?
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