We have the Great Hall reserved for Tuesdays. Teams A and B can attend in person

Our regular classroom (Davis Hall 309 ) seats half the class. We will rotate Teams A and B into this space on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. On your alternate days, you will join us via Zoom.

When the weather (and the nature of our class activities allow) we will seek opportunities to meet outdoors as a whole class.

Zoom sessions will always be held via my personal Zoom room: http://bit.ly/ZoomKS (If for some reason, you need to call in rather than using the Zoom voice/video app, let me know and I can provide you details).

Zoom Etiquette

Whether face-to-face or via Zoom, I want to insure all students can participate in the class, asking and answering questions, being engaged by this experience.

When Zooming, please find a quiet, isolated space; if possible, use headphones and a microphone so that you can hear us and vice versa. I will ask that you participate with camera on. Sometimes a group conversation can be challenging through video. If there is much background noise, you may have to mute yourself when not speaking – but I prefer if participants can be quietly unmuted so that it is easier for you to “jump in.”

I will invite you to use the “hand-raise” function if you need to jump into a conversation and can't find a space.

You may use the “group chat” during our Zoom discussions. Be respectful. It is accessible to all.

You should attend any Zoom class in the same fashion you would attend a face-to-face class. Attending class in PJs reclining in your bed doesn't give a “scholarly” impression to your prof or classmates.