# From Last Week

Spend at least five minutes with each, then choose one to read/view more deeply. Blog a response to one of them which takes up a question of value. Tag your post with the author of the piece you've addressed; respond/comment on one classmate's post who has addressed the same work.

Emily Short - Galatea: http://iplayif.com/?story=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ifarchive.org%2Fif-archive%2Fgames%2Fzcode%2FGalatea.zblorb

(You may find helpful Nick Montfort's introduction External Link, the following walkthroughs by the author, and Lisa Swantstrom's Essay)

Shelly Jackson - My Body a Wunderkammer http://collection.eliterature.org/1/works/jackson__my_body_a_wunderkammer.html . (You may find this short Commentary and this [https://web.archive.org/web/20180709203228/http://thestudio.uiowa.edu/tirw/TIRW_Archive/july06/shelleyjackson.pdf| interview with the author]]

Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries - The Art of Silence http://www2.tate.org.uk/netart/artofsleep/theartofsilence.htm (If you cannot view the piece above, there are several other YHCHI pieces that have been captured as videos such as this one on You Tube . (You may find this essay by Blythe Sheldon or this essay by Ahyoung Yoo helpful. In addition, you should know that all of YHC's work is available free, through their retro website)

# Monday

## Conclude Smith discussion

- tacit assumptions

- relation of interpretation and evaluation

Annotated Link

## E-lit Works - Short, Jackson, YHC

- overviews

- discussion of “value” / “evalaution”

## Homework

Read Stephanie Strickland, Born Digital, select an elit work that you group might present on Friday: E-lit Group Projects. Write about it on your blog; this must be posted by class time on Thurday! If you choose to coordinate, you and your group members can begin writing about the same piece.

Organize your group work via the Group Google Doc

# Tuesday

Attend Finnegan talk on Camino.

# Thursday Overivew: E-lit Group Projects.

Group discussion of a chosen work; preparation to teach a “mini-lesson” on the E-lit works of your choosing.

1. Review candidate works; decide as a group on what you want to present (Friday)! (10 min)

2. Enter title and address in the Group Google Doc below.

3. Explore the work together. (10 min) . (Questions for Sherwood)

4. Visit the Google Doc for your group. Consider what you need to Inform your classmates; and how you want to Persuade them of the terms and value of your piece; Make notes; take screen shots etc.; compile your presentation noteds in the GDoc.

Group Google Doc

## Homework

Finalize presentation notes. Ideally, do a practice run-through with your group. You will have 10 minutes total, including discussion. Please have a backup plan if your piece does not display well in the classroom (i.e. screenshots).

# Friday

Semi-formal group presentations

Group Google Doc

## Homework

Next week we'll be transitioning from E-lit to forms of hybrid print literature that you might see as extending the Duchampian/Cagean disruptions.

Please look at Kenneth Goldsmith's piece (poem, narrative? Soliloquy ; then please read Goldsmith's these two critical selections from Kenneth Goldmisth's _Uncreative Writing_ (Columbia UP, 2011).

Uncreative Writing in the Classroom / Provisional Language - Chapters 11 and 12

Language as Material Ch 2

On your blog, please write three questions you'd like to have the class discuss on Monday, one for each piece.

Further notes on Goldsmith:

I consider this online version as the central version, but it also existed as a gallery Exhibition , a print book, PDF and live performances. Goldsmith has been written about in the The New Yorker. It might also interest those of familiar with Pittsburgh's Andy Warhol to know that Goldsmith edited a book on Warhol.