# Monday ## Wrap up DIscussion of The Blind Man

Groups: Which poems, stories, letters or articles seemed most interesting in relation to The Fountain? In what ways to they shade the “meaning” of this piece? In what ways do they give a context for the value or significance of the piece?

## Duchamp Poems

Poems or shop windows? How do we read, interpret, and value texts such as these? Does it matter if we call each a “poem” or something else?

Marcel Duchamp, selections from The Essential Writings of Marcel Duchamp. Eds. Michel Sanouillet and Elmer Peterson. London: Thames and Hudson, 1975 . duchamp-marcel-essential-writings-marcel-duchamp-edit.pdf

Duchamp, Marcel. poems/selections, from Revolution of the Word: A New Gathering of American Avant-Garde Poetry 1914-1945. ed. Jerome Rothenberg. Boston, Exact Change, 1974. pp. 24-34. m_duchamp_poems.pdf

### Anemic Cinema (Jeux de mots)


### Homework

- Read: Eagleton, Terry. “Value,” How to Read Literature. New Haven: Yale UP, 2013. pp. 175-206 How to Read LiteratureCH6.pdf how_to_read_literaturech6.pdf

- Post two discussion questions to your blog (i.e. topics we might discuss in class). Is there a passage that puzzles you? a claim with which you disagree?

# Tuesday

## Duchamp (concl)

from Rose Se'lavy

## Eagleton

1. Introduction 2. Orienting questions 3. Student-prompted discussion.

##Homework Read/view the two E-lit works below. The second has sound. In your blog, post a response to one of them in which you discuss questions of value. Borrow terms or concepts from Terry Eagleton on “Value.” I'm not so much interested in whether or not you value work “x” but, rather, what framework (rules and constraints) would you consider applicable? Romantic originality? Realism? Historical moment? Enduring neo-classical truth? Pleasure v. “great”-ness, Do you identify “complexity” or “coherence” or richness of language etc.

Chris Ault - Hot Air. Generative, flash work: http://www.talespin.com/hotair/project.html or Screencast: https://youtu.be/Xx3vgP0itDE

Nanette Wylde - Storyland. Interactive Flash work: http://collection.eliterature.org/1/works/wylde__storyland.html or screencast: https://youtu.be/7QshTFDKSUk

# Thursday

## Additional discussion of Eagleton

- Realism and realistic; Pleasure v. “great”-ness; Complexity, coherence, richness of language, etc. - distinction of necessary and sufficient; Wittgenstein's “family resemblance”

## Student Questions from blogs:

- Grace: http://kennethsherwood.com/hnrc101/blogs/graceraezer/2018/10/29/questions-for-discussion/

- Alejandra: http://kennethsherwood.com/hnrc101/blogs/castaneda13/2018/10/30/questions-for-discussion/

- Joey: http://kennethsherwood.com/hnrc101/blogs/joeytortorella/2018/10/30/discussion-questions/

- Maddie: http://kennethsherwood.com/hnrc101/blogs/mindfullymaddie/2018/10/30/how-to-read-literature/

- Sara: http://kennethsherwood.com/hnrc101/blogs/wareham/2018/10/30/i-have-questions/

## Chris Ault - Hot Air

- What is it? - Where does it intersect markers of literary value

## Nanette Wylde - Storyland.

- What are the familiar, narrative elements? - How does the digital presentation and algorithmic composition complicate our perception of value? Can we “interpret” a work involving chance?

## Homework

Read: Hernstein Smith, Barbara. “Value/Evaluation,” Critical Terms for Literary Study. single pages Facing Pages

# Friday

## Smith discussion Annotated Link

- Orienting questions

- Shift from “value” as a quality to processes of evaluation. Five kinds (a-e) of “literary evaluation” (181-2); classification (and tradition) as pre-evaluation. “Appropriability” of one's judgements to others or other contexts; role of tacit assumptions.

## Rethinking Value vis-a-vis

Storyland and Hot Air

## Homework

This weekend, I'd like you to look at several additional E-literature works. Spend at least five minutes with each, then choose one to read/view more deeply. Blog a response to one of them which takes up a question of value. Tag your post with the author of the piece you've addressed; respond/comment on one classmate's post who has addressed the same work.

Emily Short - Galatea: http://iplayif.com/?story=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ifarchive.org%2Fif-archive%2Fgames%2Fzcode%2FGalatea.zblorb

(You may find helpful Nick Montfort's introduction External Link, the following walkthroughs by the author, and Lisa Swantstrom's Essay)

Shelly Jackson - My Body a Wunderkammer http://collection.eliterature.org/1/works/jackson__my_body_a_wunderkammer.html

(You may find this short Commentary and this interview with the author

Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries - The Art of Silence http://www2.tate.org.uk/netart/artofsleep/theartofsilence.htm

(If you cannot view the piece above, there are several other YHCHI pieces that have been captured as videos such as this one on You Tube

(You may find this essay by Blythe Sheldon or this essay by Ahyoung Yoo helpful. In addition, you should know that all of YHC's work is available free, through their retro website)