# Week 7

*Unit A What do we know? What do we believe? What's the difference?*

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# Monday

## Peer Revision Workshop

1. Gather with your group; 2. Give an oral summary of your comments on a classmate's paper; 3. Give the summary sheet to your classmate 4. Discuss. Questions? Solutions? 5. Repeat

## Synthesis: Blog Post

Take a moment to digest the comments you have received, reflecting on what you have heard from readers and what you know as the author of this draft. Compose a Revision Plan post for your blog in which you lay out next steps in specific detail. (In other words, don't just write “Fix organization” but rather “Revisit sequence of paragraphs on pages 3-5, add topic sentences and transitions to paragraphs in section 3; break down para 4, page 5 into three separate paragraphs and develop” etc. This plan should reflect everything you want to accomplish in revision – all the important points from your peer readers AND anything else you consider important to work on.

# Tuesday

- Class recap

Draw: William Clifford, Henry Thoreau, Christy Wampole, David Antin, Claudia Rankin: Knowledge is ….

### Final questions re: Talking Points Presentations

- Have you prepared material appropriate to 12 minutes?

- Are you avoiding excessive summary?

- Have you planned a clever way to involve the audience?

- Have you selected a highlight, quotation, demonstration, or interactive exercise as a focus?

- Your poster (like a good powerpoint, if that weren't a contradiction in terms) should NOT mirror your talking presentation. Rather, use it to highlight main points.

- Use your talking time for talk … think David Antin. Don't “read.” Do have notes if needed.

- Your poster should have a title, reference our section, and include the names of all the group members.

### Sign-up for Individual Conferences with Sherwood (for next week). We'll meet in the DHC office: HSS 317

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# Thursday

Talking Points Presentations

# Friday

Talking Points Presentations

DEADLINE: One Commented Draft, Two Comment Sheets, AND Revised Essay to Sherwood If you would clip or fasten these together in archaeological order, that would be great! You can deliver this to me in Whitmyre or leave it in my Whitmyre mailbox by Friday (12:05pm).