Homework from Friday

Finish Walden. Read chapter 16 Pond in Winter, portion of chapter 17 Spring (252-259), and 18 Conclusion.


Week 5


Group presentations (holdover from Friday)

Ch 16 Pond in Winter, Ch 17 Spring (252-259), Ch 18 Conclusion

Sherwood - conclusions

Open Discussion

Has Thoreau's experiment been a success? How would he define that? How would you evaluate it? What is the bottom, truth, knowledge (or foundation?) he has been seeking? Is the nature of his project such that we can “profit” by reading it, or are we, like John Field, positioned to need to discover it, if at all, for ourselves?


Your reading homework for this evening is to look into Louis Zukofsky and Objectivist poetry. Please read the following from the 1931 special issue of Poetry Chicago

[https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/browse?contentId=59515 | Program Objecvitists ] pp. 268-69, 272-76, 283,

Printable PDF zukofsky-essay-selection.pdf


Introduction to Objectivist poetry

  • discussion of key terms in the introductory essay


  • What is close reading? What theory of knowledge does it imply?



Read the selection of objectivist-poems.pdf, choose one of the four authors, and compose a reading response for your blog that addresses two of that author's poems.


Close reading

  • What is close reading? (If arguments have boundaries/contexts, so do kinds of reading ) What model of knowledge is it premised upon? (Authors, biography).
  • How does objectivism's program (particulars; anti-allegorical) lend itself to this interpretive approach?

Teacher facilitated close reading of a poem

Group reading


Read Citizen, section 1, pp. 5-18.
How can writing give us access to some kind of knowledge through the subjectivity of a perceiver?


Introduction to Citizen.

How can poetry give us access to some kind of knowledge through the subjectivity of a perceiver?

What is Prose poetry? - Power of lyric address and the pronoun “you” - Empathy, distance, shared experience - Structure (sentence, paragraph, poem, section, book …)

Sherwood reflection on the self and subjectivity


For Monday, begin to give some thought to paper topics. I would like you to do some brainstorming in relation to this on your blog, in lieu of a regular reading response. thesis-paper-brainstorming.

Please continue to read Rankine, pp 19-66 and watch these short video clips of interviews with and readings given by the author. Youtube