Week 1


  • Introductions
  • Discussion of “Ethics of Belief” and commonplace responses
  • Syllabus review


  1. Do some web searching and propose a short Example for Critical Evaluation (editorial, opinion piece, blog post) that bears scrutiny from a critical thinking perspective.


  • Syllabus questions?
  • General discussion of Haskins' article.
  • Group work
    1. Critical Evaluation join a group;
    2. review your example;
    3. determine one or two significant critical hindrances in the example
    4. discuss and prepare to explain how significant the lapse is and why

Homework for Tuesday

  1. Read the David Antin pdf “Postmodernism.” You can pick up a print copy of this reading at my mailbox in Whitmyre This “talk-poem” addresses concerns of knowledge and belief. It uses a personal, perhaps trivial example, but is also a serious engagement with the question of what one does when actions or decisions are required but it may seem impossible to validate belief in a way that would satisfy an Enlightenment thinker like Clifford.
  2. Choose a provocative quote from the reading and make your second Commonplace entry.