# Week 1

## Thursday

- Introductions - Discussion of “Ethics of Belief” and commonplace responses - Syllabus review

### Homework

1. Read Haskins' [Practical Guide to Critical Thinking](http://kennethsherwood.com/IUP-Course-Wiki-Archive/iup-hnrc-sherwood-fall2017/mainSpace/files/14_Practical_Guide_to_Critical_Thinking.pdf) 2. Do some web searching and propose a short Example for Critical Evaluation (editorial, opinion piece, blog post) that bears scrutiny from a critical thinking perspective.

## Friday

- Syllabus questions? - General discussion of Haskins' article. - Group work

  1. Critical Evaluation join a group;
  2. review your example;
  3. determine one or two significant critical hindrances in the example
  4. discuss and prepare to explain how significant the lapse is and why

### Homework for Tuesday

1. Read the David Antin [pdf](http://kennethsherwood.com/hnrc101/wiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=antin-talk-postmodernism-crop.pdf) “Postmodernism.” You can pick up a print copy of this reading at my mailbox in Whitmyre This “talk-poem” addresses concerns of knowledge and belief. It uses a personal, perhaps trivial example, but is also a serious engagement with the question of what one does when actions or decisions are required but it may seem impossible to validate belief in a way that would satisfy an Enlightenment thinker like Clifford.

2. Choose a provocative quote from the reading and make your second Commonplace entry.