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 +I consider the online version of Soliloquy as the central version, but why? It also existed as a gallery ​
 + ​[[http://​www.zingmagazine.com/​zing4/​reviews/​20goldsmith.html| Exhibition]] , a print [[https://​www.granarybooks.com/​book/​62/​Kenneth_Goldsmith+Soliloquy | book]], ​ [[https://​buffalo.box.com/​shared/​static/​l1gi82qx35kx1pbx111ooji37kxqcbt3.pdf| PDF]] and live performances. ​
 +Does the fact that the online version is still accessible give it priority? Should we approach it in terms of which publication was first? Or which was final? ​
 +Goldsmith has been written about in the [[https://​www.newyorker.com/​magazine/​2015/​10/​05/​something-borrowed-wilkinson| The New Yorker]]. ​ It might also interest those of familiar with Pittsburgh'​s Andy Warhol to know that Goldsmith edited a book on Warhol. ​