# Debate Format

We'll be loosely following the format of Intelligence Squared. Each pair of teams will take up a debatable proposition. One group will argue in favor (pro) and the other against (con).

You should plan to talk, addressing the opposing team and/or your audience. Do not plan to read from a script; do have notes. Stay focussed. Making a single, clear and persuasive point can be more effective than listing five, scrambled reasons that your audience does not connect with.

- Pro - introduction (5)

- Con - introduction (5)

  1. Intermission (2)

- Pro - rebuttal (2)

- Con - rebuttal (2)

  1. Intermission (2)

- Pro - summation (5)

- Con - summation (5)

## Preparation

Consider how you want to frame your case. Plan the key “points” you wish to make. Prepare concept notes and reference appropriate evidence. What “kind” of argument do you wish to make? What counts as good moves? The introduction and summation statements can be largely prepared in advance. Rebuttal will need to be more situational, based on what the opposing team says.

## Scoring

We will take a pre-debate poll and a post-debate poll. The winning team will be the one who sways the audience's perceptions.

## Sources

Rules of “evidence” in this debate. You may refer to external documents, but they must be shared in advance with the whole class. If your group wants to introduce additional evidence, please add a link below in the discussion area; I'll read it and determine whether to list it or not.