Week 9


  • “Sea Rose” - close reading


  • ? How would we define “imagism”? Is it useful as a comparative concept? How do we understand the spirit or purpose of a manifesto that announces such “rules”? More generally, what does it suggest about Modernist poetry that a poet/critic might articulate such guidelines about how to write or how poetry ought to be written? What emphasis does it give to the features we do and do not respond to our reading of the poems?
  • “A Few Don't's By an Imagist” 38-41 Pound, p6
  • Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics. External Link

Looking back, making connections

  • Pound, “The First Canto” pp 67-
  • Williams “ To A Solitary Discipline” 181-2
  • HD “Garden” 1 and 2. Pp. 230-231


Sherwood is away at a conference next Thursday. Please use this time to polish up your next essay. I will give you feedback on Close-listening 1 by Monday night. Your Audio 02 OR Distant 02 - will not be due until the following Tuesday, 4/9 (via email). That way we can stay on track for proposing your final essay on 4/18.