Week 5

Discussion of T.S. Eliot

Concepts / terms of relevance

impersonality; portrait/ personality; symbolism; collage; culture; fragmentation; innovation

Discussion of approaches to Distant Reading project

  • using Voyant
  • discovery versus thesis pursuit
  • mechanics of incorporating visualizations into your writing

option 1 - using the wiki

{{url>http://sherwoodweb.org 300,100}}

option 2 - using Dropbox paper

option 3 - slideshow

option 4 - blog or html website

Best option if you have access AND your provider allows for embed codes.

Close listening

  • What are some of the ways that we can enjoy, read, interpret, critique … audio recordings of poets' recitations?

(If time allows …. group listening, annotation of a poem)

Prufrock audio karaoke? or deformance.

Waste Land audio


1 Distant Reading

We'll discuss the format for this.

2 Stein and theory reading

Next week we will look at the poetry selections from Gertrude Stein. The Beach volume has less to say about her; the general headnote from Fact on File will still be useful. I am also preparing you to begin thinking about audio analysis; so you're reading a short piece by Marit McArthur , which was originally published by Jacket2, an online journal associated with PennSound.

Stein may seem more “strange” than some of the poets we have thus far encountered. If you like, you may want to listen in on some of the ModPo discussions curated by U Penn. In these, scholars and contemporary poet give reflections on her work.