Week 12

Mina Loy and Marianne Moore

I did not intend to combine these two poets, but with a missed class and their historic pairing, it seems like one way not to omit any writers. Ezra Pound celebrated both poets, observing a positive “cerebral” quality which mapped onto the modernist “logopoeia” (dance of the intellect; in contrast to melopoeia or phanopoeia).

Loy Selections

Alliteration, Sound, Excess

Lunar Baedeker (2-3)

  • How does this poem's structure, on the page, invoke the ear or voice?
  • How might it be distinguished from the “natural” or seeming plain speech of Williams or Frost?

Love Songs I, X, XIII (13-)

  • This sequence, which was subsequently extended, performs a proto-feminist revision of romantic love. Thought not widely circulated, Loy's 1914 Manifesto provides context.
  • Consider the juxtaposition of strange image and sound pattern, how it creates a performative voice.

Moore Selections

Image, unfolding lines of thought, "argument"

To a Steam Roller (6)

Roses Only (11)

When I Buy Pictures (17)

Poetry (17)