List of stop words: It, its, he, she, his, her, if, then, when, than, of, is, the, but, their, when, who, and, to, in, that, with, for, as, you, but, him, was, not, from, be, at, one, have, on, so, or, no, there, had, they, we, what, by, all, them, me, or, my, could, some, like, where, are, how, your, also, were, did, thinks, says, shant, im, bin, heõs, donõt, allñtheyêhadñthey, deadñ, aliveñ, againõ, dearõ, donõt, òa, ê, grapesõ, o, boyõs, allñ, breastê, clungê, dewê, diamondstrungê, dispossessedê, dryê, flyê, hungê, nestê, restê, spreadê, êê, ah, êêêê, beñ, hardñthe, listenñhow, songñthe, silas, heõs, ôi, himê, heõd, ôhe, wouldnõt, tooê, awayê, isnõt, aloneõ, coltõ, meê, one, chimneyê, farming, huggermugger, insuranceê


The Wood Pile Similarity Query


One of the features I particularly liked about Lexos was the ability to apply stop words easily and to scrub the documents themselves and save the scrubbed versions.

For example:

Here is a scrubbed version of Fire and Ice :

say world will end fire say ice i have tasted desire i hold those favor fire perish twice i think i know enough hate say destruction ice great would suffice