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 Group notes on web 20 Group notes on web 20
 +[Flipped Classroom](https://​​ir/​library/​pdf/​eli7081.pdf),​ [Dokuwiki](https://​​dokuwiki#​),​ Feed readers or [aggregators](https://​​wiki/​News_aggregator) like [Feedly](https://​​i/​my),​ Embed codes for [Youtube videos](https://​​youtube/​answer/​171780?​hl=en) and Google [Calendars](https://​​calendar/​answer/​41207?​hl=en),​ adding plugins to a web application like [Wordpress plugins](https://​​plugins/​),​ [Bulletin boards](https://​​wiki/​Bulletin_board_system). Bookmarking
 [[Flipped Classroom]] [[Flipped Classroom]]
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