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Discuss detailed parameters for

Academic Website

Can you produce and inter-link a set of relevant, content-rich pages with structured markup? Include links to other online materials you create and organize external resources of professional use. For those who have previously created such a web page, I will expect you to compose significant new content and develop your website to the next level through additional pages and more sophisticated use of CSS styling.

  • includes relevant, professional material (with perhaps some personal)
  • effectively communicates your online identity as scholar, student or teacher
  • includes appropriate images (scaled, cropped, sized appropriately). no .bmp files and no images over 400K
  • links to at least 1, preferable more html pages on the site (no scrolling)
  • clearly establishes identity (name) or purpose for the site
  • uses at least one style.css file uploaded and customized on your site
  • is easy to navigate
  • sizes well (text is legible) on moderate to large monitors.
  • color scheme is aesthetically coherent, text is all legible
  • provides clear, logically placed links or navigation paths to your blog, Teaching Statement, and podcast
  • no broken links

Statement of Teaching Technology

This short essay (250-500) words should outline your approach to the incorporation of technology in your teaching. It could address what tools you use and why, and what you asks your students to do. It should express your deliberate sense of how to put technology in the service of good pedagogy with some attention to general goals and your overall philosophy of teaching. You may restrict its scope to the teaching of a particular class and content area, or you may articulate a broader vision. I think of this as a potential material for a teaching philosophy or as a document that might frame an online teaching portfolio. (You will include this as a link off your professional web page.

  • minimum of 250 words; well written and edited
  • conveys a sense of what technology(ies) you use and, more importantly, how and why. See slideshow from monday
  • is grounded in learning goals or pedagogical purpose
  • reflects some awareness of the discourse of digital teaching; may paraphrase or quote (and cite) from class readings or other relevant sources


Excellent audio is not simple to produce, but in comparison with video, it is relatively easy to incorporate acceptable audio into your digital teaching strategies. You will learn to record, edit, and mix background sound to produce a short (2-5 minute) audio podcast. The topic will be related to something interesting. A welcome approach would be for you to explain your teaching module. There will be some class time reserved for working on these podcasts, but you should anticipate devoting several hours outside of class to this. You may choose to do this individually or in groups.

  • clear purpose (to inform, entertain, etc.) is established and fulfilled in the podcast through consistent choices of content and editing
  • includes some original, recorded voice (yours or classmates')
  • blends/layers or combines at least three audio sources (such as music, sound effects, found speech
  • is appropriately audible (not too loud, too soft, or distorted
  • is free of objectionable or distracting edit errors (sudden cuts, omission of fades etc.)

Teaching Module

Taking an idea from a web 2.0 demonstration or elsewhere, you should design a teaching/learning module that makes rich use of a digital tool for the study of something appropriate to your teaching. Consider this a cross between a lesson plan and a demonstration. In other words, this is both a reflective and an applied project. You must build or make something digital and explain/justify it.

  • Exemplifies ideas of effective, purposeful digital teaching (including perhaps values articulated in your statement).
  • May focus on a simple activity (such as one class period) or a semester-long plan
  • Clearly articulates what concept / material / skill you desire to teach, what specific technology is appropriate, and how it will be employed.
    - It could include discussion prompts, guidelines for students in using a certain technology, assignment description, rubric, etc.
  • Convince the reader that the activity and technology are likely to be effective in achieve the stated goals.
  • May include some examples or simulations (eg.You propose to teach students to appreciate concise language through a series of collaborative writing and peer-revision activities using a wiki, where they track changes, document the history of those changes, and debate the merits of certain edits. Include a simulated sequence of wiki edits to show what this might look like.

Comments or questions?

kwsherwood, 2016/05/19 03:05

We can discuss these points during class. Some of you have asked specific questions, so I thought I'd try to outline key elements in a simple fashion. These are certainly negotiable.

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