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What is an audio podcast?

An informative or entertaining audio piece that is circulated on the web. Podcasts mix voice and music and are usually produced by individuals or amateur, non-commerical groups with modest technology. They can be listened to on the PC or mobile device or by visiting a website; but many use I-Tunes to subscribe to the feed and automatically download new material to their I-pods. Some years ago, listed 39,000 podcasts with 2.5 million episodes. More recently, radio networks like NPR, PRI and BBC “professionalized” podcasting; here are some of the best professional podcasts.

How is it created and shared?

  1. recording
  2. editing
  3. “casting”

Podcast Diagram


Planning the Podcast

Using Audacity



(Successful podcast series are distributed with an RSS feed, usually via a blog. This allows the audience to “subscribe” using Itunes or similar software and then receive automatic updates).