ENGL 781/881 Digital English, A Domain of One's Own

Dr. Kenneth Sherwood
M-F 8:30-4:30


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Through this accelerated, pre-session course, I want to enable students to incorporate new, digital tools into their own teaching of writing and literature. Whether you are a digital native or immigrant, I invite you to join us as we collaboratively learn by exploring available Web 2.0 tools (such as blogs and wikis) and creating and managing a personal webspace on a domain belonging to you. As we learn to utilize these tools, we will become acquainted with relevant theory and methodology, develop instructional strategies and classroom applications, and think critically about how to manage a professional web presence as 21st century academics. No prior digital-teaching experience is required, but you should be comfortable exploring new software with guidance. All students will be required to register for a shared server space through Reclaim Hosting at a cost of approximately $40 for the year. Please note, this is not a course in the use of Learning Management Systems such as Moodle or Blackboard. Meets Doctoral research skills requirement. As the course approaches, consult the website: kennethsherwood.com/engl7881 or feel free to email