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Week 11


Linaros 7-“Podcasting as Liminal Praxis” - Lizzie Hall

Podcast TBD - Averi Rose

Lore Wendy Scaife

Reading / Listening

Spinelli and Dann, Podcasting Ch 07

  1. Podcasting can be a transmedia[product] that's part of system, with development, marketing integration; cf. Henry Jenkin's “Convergence Culture” 149
  2. paradox of grant-funded audience goals and social purpose “introduce diverse digital native and millenial audience to debates and research related to … commodification of blood products” (151); production freedom of Resonance FM; and 40+ aged producers creating “work that resonated for us ….” but appealing to millenials. 152
  3. Aesthetic / production - no frame device; spare language; “audience allowed freedom to conceive and create ” 153“; instead of assuming ”'worst case' scenario“ of listening, they committed to earbuds and “work [that] rewarded deep listening … where the audience surrender themselves to the experience: headphones locked to ears, eyes shut, distractions removed” (156).
  4. Marketing - pre-launch PR insures peak early subscription and an Itunes ranking (161)

Ears Only Future (08)

  1. Podcasts proliferationg (500K +), with many networks aiming to commodify (Gimlet,, [Spotify]), putting pressure on INDY nature (but we still don't have a dominant funding model).
  2. Questions about breadth and saturation (in some genres), and whether we “listen-in” our niches or “listen-out” and whether media bubbles limit our exposure to diversity
  3. Changed habits (on-demand, self-curation versus listening to something programmed for us; or surprised by listening to something programmed for others).
  4. Downloads and the problem of distinguishing listener “popularity” from “devotion”
  5. Market research (Edison Research “Infinite Dial”) indicates rising popularity, mostly in cars and home (ca. 2018). 2020 Update
  6. “Intimacy” and “authenticity” still remain key values, but “authenticity” may be harder to achieve by networks.
  7. Hearing “new voices” is slightly harder … The future is growth and segmentation (in ten years time, it will be impossible to talk about 'podcasting' as a thing).

Infinite Dial - US Podcast Consumer tracking report] New podcast idea: a show in which true-crime podcast producers are killed. [[|The Onion, A Very Fatal Murder. Fiona Sturges: “Serial invented a genre by accident, and it's now a general embarrassment”.


Spinelli and Dann. Podcasting. Ch 09. Also, work on your podcasts, due for class 11/30.

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