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Week 07


Article: 8-Wild Listening: Ecology of a Science Podcast Linares Ch 08

  • Joseph Canton
  • Aaron Heinrich

Podcast: And That's Why We Drink

Reading Discussion

  • Spinelli and Dann, Ch03
    • “banners of fandom” from merchandise to live events, podcasts can offer more than a product which I consume – a group with which I identify (43)
    • superfans - how a highly engaged (but minority) listenership must be “validated and energized” (45) whether through “direct strategies” or “essential qualities of the form” (which? both?)
    • paradox of podcast not being “live” and communal as broadcasting, and many big podcasts not explicitly or intentionally engaging via social media
    • “Night Vale … proliferated online because there is something very familiar and very spreadable about its content” (59)
    • “an essential openness to the world fo Night Vale which invites contribution from the listeners … These fan art creations are not just copies …. because the fans have been given nothing to copy…” (63)

Your Podcast

Let's discuss how to approach planning and developing your own podcast.

Group Editing of Podcast Proposal guidelines


  • Welcome to Nightvale
    • Description
    • Audience
    • Form/format
    • Production

Homework for week 08

  1. Spinelli Ch 05
  2. Ears Only, Episode 05, Ethics
  3. Podcast Production Exercise 06 - (the last one!)
  4. Cassie's presentation on Linares 9 - “The Podcast as an Intimate Bridging Medium”; Lizzy presenting on “So Many Damn Books”
  5. Also … (Get a head start on listening to Serial for 10/26; you might also be working on your Podcast Proposal due on or before 10/26.)
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