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Week 6

From last week:

  • Poetry reading of your choice via Pennsound
    • Poets' voices; literary voice in an “unproduced” context

Audio Exercise 4 See podcast_production_exercises


  • Inner Ears and Distant Worlds
    • Jacob Breslawski


Spinelli and Dann. Podcasting. Ch 04 (int, emp, narr)


Ears Only: Audience 03 (audio)link

Outline Activity Listening Log of Episode 03- link

Next week

Spinelli and Dann, Ch 03

Podcast Ex 05


Nightvale: A Story About You. E13, 15 Dec. 2012,  Nightvale: Faceless Old Woman. E26, 1 Jan. 2016,  Nightvale: Numbers. E42, 1 Mar. 2014,  Nightvale: Water Failure. E60, 205-01-15,

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