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Week 05

Housekeeping notes

Two people have not signed up for podcast presentations. These presentations CAN be joint, although the written commentary should be individual.

Teams - I've set this up with a new channel, should you wish to share slides, links, or other materials with the class in advance of a presentation.


Podcast - “Reading, Writing” - Rowling. Jeff Ambrose. link Shared files via Teams

Discussion of Readings:

HaylesNKatherine-VoicesOutOfBodies-FromSoundStates - link

  • Topics:
    • NHK proposes not ages of orality and print, but always an issue of VOICES and bodies; recording changing the relationship; and magnetic tape (also digital?) distinct from prior non-editable technologies.
    • Ideas about voice, presence, and the body. How do books complicate it? How does Derrida complicate? How do Beckett and Burroughs complicate it? And podcasts?

BernsteinCharles-Introduction-CloseListening - Link

  • Topics:
    • Listening to poetry (How: authors, reading aloud, recording) why do we emphasize “listening to poetry”?
    • Sound as constitutive in much modern poetry; how “poetry reading” can be especially important for [free verse]. What is the role of “close listening” to poetry audio?
    • How do poetry audio recordings relate to the canon of a poet's print texts?
    • Does listening disambiguate? Does it open a space for plurality and dissonance, or both? or none?
    • Aesthetic and neuropsychological aspects of listening to language/sound as re: poetry, podcasts.

Discussion of Listening:

  • Ears Only: Authenticity 04 (audio):
    • Content: broadcasting, narrow-casting; audience-research versus make for yourself (Wooster); maintaining authenticity in relation to advertising. (Low-fi can be good? in making it seem “more real”)
    • Form: (bumpers, segmentation, faux ads)
    • Helen Saltzman, objecting to the idea the “edit” is false and scrappiness should automatically be privileged.
    • Worries of franchise, celebrity, and the success of podcasting crowding out indies.
    • Recap: what you like; 2. make work that entertains yourself; 3. don't sweat the tech. 4. be timely; 5. recognize you are part of a community / scene
    • Are franchise podcast networks more like broadcasting networks? Do we risk fetishizing independence?
  • Poetry reading of your choice via Pennsound
    • Poets' voices; literary voice in an “unproduced” context

Podcast Projects

Development ideas. Questions. Package as a class podcast with individual episodes, or …?

Homework for Week 6

Audio Exercise 4 See podcast_production_exercises

Spinelli and Dann. Podcasting. Ch 04 (int, emp, narr) Ears Only: Audience 03 (audio)

You may want to get a headstart on Nightvale for the following week:


Nightvale: A Story About You. E13, 15 Dec. 2012,  Nightvale: Faceless Old Woman. E26, 1 Jan. 2016,  Nightvale: Numbers. E42, 1 Mar. 2014,  Nightvale: Water Failure. E60, 205-01-15,

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