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Week 04

Critical Article Presentations


Podcast production exercises. My goal here is to help you develop comfort with the mechanics of recording and editing, so that you have some facility before you begin making decisions in your project podcast. For those who do not like to learn via experimentation, you might find Morris' _Expert Podcasting for Dummies_ useful. I recommend a selection from this in the next week, but some of you will find the whole text a useful reference.


  • Spinelli and Dann. Podcasting. Ch 01
    • 1 - purpose: Looking at podcasting as a creative medium distinct from radio…“ (2)
    • 2 - close (analytical) listening; what and why (4-5). [why no chatcast?]
    • 3 - Revolutionary, v. Frankfurt School, v. [Expert Podcasting for Dummies]; Eleven Podcasting Features and Concepts (7)
  • Spinelli and Dann. Podcasting. Ch 02 (Radiolab)
    • 1 - RL as case study in “digital” “unnatural” “natively podcasting” “self-conscious” demanding speech editing and focus on narrative (17-19)
    • 2 - medium is message, hammer shapes the hand
    • 3 - cohost form, demands on listeners, balancing of perspectives / frames (24-25); orchestration of tension, “plural frames” (26)
    • 4 - 'let the audience hear and know that you are manufacturing a version of events”; “artifice”; “credibility” (30)
    • 5 - analog v. digital. (31-32, 33-); additive; “hidden speaker” (33), unstable “point of listening” / audit point (34)
    • 6 - who and how of listening to Radiolab; transparency about production: “brain dump” (37); out takes (39), 'sonic synechdoche“ or vignette (39); “repeat iteration” (40).


Mace and Jennifer ”“Welcome to the World of Wandercast” Link from Linares

Presentation Slides


  1. Radiolab: Football. S13E04, 29 Jan. 2015,
    1. juxtaposition - history (storifying Carlyle Indian School); human (tension around health, concussions, football)
  2. Radiolab: Space. S02E05, 12 May 2006,
    1. Voyager record; Tyson; connections; communication. Copernicus; Einstein. Civilization v. speck. Art. Seed-probe: Nasa. Shuttle, moon missions. (First podcast).
    1. Yellow Rain - editing challenges, revision, narrative shaping … ethics / truth
    2. Note on Yellow Rain issue link; Krulwhich commentary

Homework for Week 05


Morris. Expert Podcasting-Select Sections - link | HaylesNKatherine-VoicesOutOfBodies-FromSoundStates - link | BernsteinCharles-Introduction-CloseListening - Link


  • Ears Only: Authenticity 04 (audio)
  • Poetry reading of your choice via Pennsound

Presentations: Podcast - “Reading, Writing” - Rowling. Maria LaRotonda, Jeff Ambrose. link

Audio Exercise 3 - Voice and Music. See podcast_production_exercises

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