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Week 03

Announcements and Logistics

Podcast Production

Problems and successes with Soundtrap?

Critical Article Presentations

Signup, dates, pairs or solo (presently 8/13 signed up for articles; 5/13 for podcasts)

Solo or pair signups "Presentations TAB" for the date you wish to present.

Literary Podcasts

If you aren't a regular podcast listener and want to find something literary, consider “This American Life” or “Poem Talk” via PennSound .In addition you could check any of the podcasts mentioned in Spinelli and Dann, you could


From last class

  1. Audit: Ears Only Narrative episode link.Episode Outline, Episode actualities | from Spinelli email
  • The role narrative plays in the aesthetics of podcasts (and appeal to audience).
  • Tension between ideas of narrative as a 'natural' organizing and shaping framework and narrativization as an imposition of order.
  • Relation of the ways a podcast producer thinks about narrative and how a fiction writer or literary critic might.
  • Production aspects of Ears Only (including the relationship of script to final product, and the audio editing process).
  • How do expressive uses of sound, especially in the 20th century, and when created in the contexts of radio broadcast or “produced” recorded audio for LP prefigure the range of contemporary podcasting? Is the marginal status of sound poetry (and radio drama) relevant to the situation of podcast production or reception today? To what extent do podcasts exist in an “intermedia” space for us today? Does digital audio tend to take advantage of what Zurbrugg saw as the hallmark of late 20th-century “recorded literature”: namely “abstraction” and “creative simultinaety”?

Higgins. Notes Towards a Taxonomy of Sound Poetry link

Zurbrugg. Regarding Recorded Literature link

  • In the sampler of sound poetry below, how do you learn to listen to these pieces? Can you map them to Higgins' framework? How do we account for their salience for multi-lingual audiences? (See also: Peruvian Sound Poets, Namtchylak Sainkho (Siberian), Beth Anderson (US), Laurie Anderson (US), Giacomo Balla (Italy), Caroline Bergvall (European), Maria Sabina (Mazatec), Bob Cobbing (England), Dial-A-Poem Poets (US) and others via

Henri Chopin. Rouge (audio)_

Hugo Ball. Gadji Beri Bimba (audio)

Kurt Schwitters: Ursonate. (audio)

Homework for Week 04

Audio exercise #2:

Record and juxtapose two voices: link


  1. Spinelli and Dann. Podcasting. Ch 01
  2. Spinelli and Dann. Podcasting. Ch 02 (Radiolab)


Mace and Jennifer ““Welcome to the World of Wandercast” Link from Linares


  1. Radiolab: Football. S13E04, 29 Jan. 2015,
  2. Radiolab: Space. S02E05, 12 May 2006,
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