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Week 02


Checking revised calendar

Discussion of Readings and Listening

  1. Discussion: Ong. Orality and Literacy. Chs 01, 02 link.
  2. Discussion: Foley. How to Read an Oral Poem Ch 5 (Third Word: Performance)link.
  3. Audit: Tedlock on Linebreak link;
  4. Audit: Ears Only Narrative episode link.Episode Outline, Episode actualities

Intro to Soundtrap

(7:45 pm)

  1. Are you in the group? If not, create an account and join the class via this link:
  2. Creating a recording
  3. Basic concepts of “tracks” in digital audio editing software

Critical Article Presentations

Homework for Week 03

(after labor day)


Higgins. Notes Towards a Taxonomy of Sound Poetry link Zurbrugg. Regarding Recorded Literature link


Herri Chopin. Rouge (audio)_ Hugo Ball. Gadji Beri Bimba (audio) Kurt Schwitters: Ursonate. (audio)

First Podcast exercise via Sound Trap

See Details on Podcast Exercises Here (I'm still working out how to best share these. The “assignment function” in Soundtrap should work, but there may be a glitch. So alternatively, I'll create an upload space via teams).

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