Drawing upon class readings on pedagogy and considering the teaching dimensions of the projects and research methods explored in this class, you will make a pedagogical intervention. You may teach a mini-lesson; create an instructive web exhibit; design a lesson plan; or create a course syllabus for digital studies. Other options will be considered; simply write an exploratory blog post and share it with the professor to get those options approved.

Pedagogical interventions often take the form of a written document. Please print and submit on paper if that's most appropriate. If it can be uploaded to your blog and shared as a link, please add that link below.

James Kayorie- Pedagogical Mini-Project Lesson Plan: https://jkayorie.wordpress.com/2019/06/24/pedagogy-mini-project-lesson-plan/

Pedagogical Mini-Project: Group Omeka Exhibit Presentation Assignment: https://jkayorie.wordpress.com/2019/06/24/pedagogical-mini-project-group-omeka-exhibit-presentation-assignment/

Jennifer Russell-Pedagogical Mini-Project Lesson Plan, Assigned Short Thesis Paper with Voyant driven thesis evidence and Rubric jennifer_russell_pedagogical_intervention_for_course_on_women_writers_in_gothic_literature.docx

Literary Theory Lesson Plan: WordPress | Twine literary_theory.docx

Andrea Yingling- Voyant in the High School Inclusion Classroom voyant_lesson_planword.docx

Simon Huff pedagogy_project.zip