Twine - Multi-linear Texts

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Introduction to Distant Reading / Visualization / Text Mining

LDA (Hammond) “Quantitative Approaches” C5, pp. 82-132

Highlights : Hammond-Quantitative

Social Reading - let's look at this text as a class by making some quick annotations using Hypothesis.

Our group:

Text Analysis, Data Mining, and Visualizations in Literary Scholarship. Tanya Clement. Correct link:


D_H Part 2, pp. 27-70

IDH 4B., 5A Visualization, 5B Text-Mining -

Debates Visualizing Millions of Words Mills Kelly -


Academic Web Pages


Discussion of readings




1. seeking machine-readable texts: Gutenberg, etc. 2. cleaning a text (using Notepad, Notepad++ etc.)

Project Gutenberg (note - seek “always available” texts and look for ASCII or HTML)

First look at Voyant

Fitzgerald Example





Text Analysis and Visualization: Making Meaning Count. Sinclair and Rockwell. NewCompDH - CH 19 Library Link

D_H Part 3 Social Life of the DH, pp. 75-98

Of note: A gender critique of “Distant Reading” at present:

Choose preliminary source texts for your work with Voyant


Twine Mini-Project Presentations

Discussion of readings

Voyant Lab


Academic Pages on Wordpress, due Thursday.

DHPed 10. Teaching Computer-Assisted Text Analysis Stéfan Sinclair and Geoffrey Rockwell.

DH Ped 16.Teaching Digital Rhetoric: Teaching Digital Rhetoric: Wikipedia , Collaboration, and the Politics of Free Knowledge. Melanie Kill. (or download the PDF

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Voyant Workshop voyants-in-progress

  • multi-texts / same author
  • comparative texts (different authors)
  • CAUTION - mixing genres / sizes can skew results
  • Reflect on aspects of texts that can be accessed via analyses of word frequency. There are some dimensions of texts that a tool like Voyant cannot help us read. What are limits?
  • Many good mini-projects will make heavy use of just one or two tools (as appropriate to the issue they're focused upon.

Reading Discussion

C19 Text Analysis and Visualization: Making Meaning Count. Sinclair and Rockwell. c19-sinclair-textanalysis.pdf Annotate Link

Teaching Computer-Assisted . Sinclair and Rockwell. Annotated Text

Wikipedia, Collaboration…. Krill. Annotate Text


Prepare a 10 minute Voyant Presentation for Monday. Use Twine as the framework for organizing your thoughts and sharing a number of Voyant visualizations.