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Earlier you created an HTML file but it was on your personal computer and not published (by uploading it to your webserver). Reclaim Hosting provides you with both a domain name AND a space to store files which you would like to share with others. Here are the steps for uploading your first file.

(Remember, “index.html” is a special file name. It is the default that a web browser looks for when it is pointed at a domain.)

  1. Logon to Reclaim Hosting
  2. Open your Cpanel
  3. Find your File Manager
  4. Navigate to public_html
  5. Create a new file named index.html No spaces, no capitalization! Keep it simple!
  6. Copy and paste the html into your file (or upload your saved index.html)
  7. Visit your website. What do you see? (You may need to delete the file called “default.html” Also, sometimes your browser saves/caches an old version of a page; you may need to refresh it)
  8. Now personalize it (and try to use paired tags as in the model, with no typos!)
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