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Announcements / Warmups

  1. Atom is a great, free text editor. But Mac Users, I've added a video tutorial showing how to adjust the preferences on TextEdit so that it works.
  2. Syllabus questions?
  3. Domain validation problems (successes?)


Article Discussion



Your goals before lunch:

  1. Create at least two, working HTML pages and upload them
  2. Link the two pages
  3. Add an image to at least one page
  4. Use two lists
  5. Add appropriate links to external websites
  6. Use headings appropriately
  7. Proofread!

The HTML Cheat Sheet is still a great, simple reference. But I have also made four tutorial videos on Getting Started, Lists, Links, and Images.

Lunch Break


CSS Workshop


Wiki or Twine - course change




Small Group Project Opportunity: Pairs

Podcasts are simply audio files (mp3) with voiced narration. Many are entertaining, exploratory, and informative. The aesthetic and production values of radio have some influence. But often, depending on audience, a more casual ethos is achieved in successful “do-it-yourself” productions.

Podcasts are written for the listener. Audio quality still important, as is some degree of editing, and content/structure planning. A podcast can be dowloaded from a website, syndicated through a blog, or sold through Itunes etc. Your podcast should be 5 (no more than 10) minutes in length and should be recorded in a quiet environment.
Literary Podcast Workshop

Generic Podcast Workshop

End of the Day Logistics


Discuss and sign-up for Web App demos. See Web Demonstration Format


  1. Reading (discussion leader prep) for Wednesday
  2. Style your website
  3. Write a technology self-reflection on your blog. How do you see your writing in relation to digital networks? Do you embrace or resist it as a teacher? What do you most hope to gain this week?
    4. Write a script or make a plan for your podcast. If time allows, begin recording. You'll need to have audio recorded by Wednesday PM!
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