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- What has made an impression on you so far in this class? Compose and post to your blog. Classmates - respond to each via comments.


Group presentation and class discussion (articles)

  1. Downes, Stephen. “E-Learning 2.0.” eLearn Magazine, October 2005. PDF
  2. Kay, Allan. “Personal Dynamic Media,” New Media Reader, eds. Noah Wardrip Fruin and Nick Montfort. MIT Press: 2003. pdf
  3. Waters, Audrey. [Selection 1 from] Claim Your Domain And Own Your Online Presence. Solution Tree Press, 2016.pdf


Alternative Reading

Does digital pedagogy have to be electronic: Digital Humanities Unplugged by Paul Fyfe

Intermediate Workshop CSS 2

Your professional site should include several pages, using images, colors, and structure effectively. There will probably be links to external sites as well as to your related projects (such as your blog). You should control the visual effects and placement of items using one or more external CSS style sheets. Make choices about color, font, and spacing.

  1. Review Sherwood's CSS Overview
  2. Self-paced exploration of CSS via W3Schools

Suggested Modules

See also:



Podcast Workshop - Part 1 - Recording

  • We will begin with review of process and planning / recording
  • Podcast Workshop
    * Recording
    • Using the audio recorder;
    • record with your group.

    (We will continue with this tomorrow; and you should bring headphones!) 0


Sherwood Tech Tip

Wordpress blogs can be augmented with plugins that integrate: - calendar - social media (twitter, facebook, etc.) - photo gallery, etc.

Server App Web 2.0 Demos

  • One Presentations (groups of 3)


  • Podcast work - finish script/plan interviews or other sound material. (Recording must be done by lunch Wednedsay).
  • Continue working on your website.
  • Prepare to lead article discussion or deliver a Server App Demo, if you signed up!

Bring HEADPHONES to class tomorrow.


  1. Tour, Ekaterina. “Digital Mindests: Teachers' Technology Use in Personal Life and Teaching.” Language Learning & Technology.October 2015, Volume 19, Number 3 PDF
  2. Duffy, Peter and Bruns, Axel (2006) The Use of Blogs, Wikis and RSS in Education: A Conversation of Possibilities. In Proceedings Online Learning and Teaching Conference 2006, pages pp. 31-38, Brisbane PDF
  3. Nelson, Ted. Selections from Computer Lib. New Media Reader, eds. Noah Wardrip Fruin and Nick Montfort. MIT Press: 2003.pdf
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