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Some proponents of digital teaching tools frame it in terms of efficiency or meeting student demand; others advocate the transformative potential, using a thoughtful digital pedagogy to increase student agency. Where do you stand? What is your thinking? Do you see transformative potentials in approaches you've been learning this week?


  • Group presentation and class discussion


  • Editing and Exporting with Audacity

Podcast Workshop

[Podcast Tutorial Files]


Image Editing Workshop

Short overview of image cropping, resizing, color modification, and layer compositing using


Images on your website should be

  • properly sized
  • cropped
  • color balanced (high/low contrast) as appropriate

Your website should use at least one composite image (collaged elements; or text and image).

Podcasts Part 2 - Audacity Workshop

PM-2 Open lab

Work on: - website / content and style - podcast editing - coordinating with your group, if you have a demo tomorrow


Server App Web 2.0 Demos

  • Presentations (groups of 3)

HW Readings

  1. Postman, Neil. “Ideology of Machines” from Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology. NY, Vintage: 1993. PDF
  2. Richardson, Will. excerpt from Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms PDF
  3. Boardley, John. “A Guide to Web Typography,” I Love Typography. ———————-
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