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Summer 2018 Archive

ENGL756/856: Digital Literacy for the English Professional A Domain of One's Own Dr. Kenneth Sherwood M-F 8:30-4:30


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# Friday

## Blog Prompt: Given what you've learned, the challenges and rewards you've faced this week, what aspects of digital practice seem promising for your own teaching?

## AM-1

### Open Lab

#### Status Checks

- Blog

  1. functioning (online)
  2. accessible from your homepage
  3. no unapproved comments waiting
  4. template customized appropriately (No “My Blog” or “just another wordpress blog”)

- Webpage

  1. home or landing page (index.html) is accessible and appropriately named
  2. home page links to additional page(s) on your site
  3. pages are styled (colors, fonts, etc.) through an external stylesheet on your site (i.e. style.css)
  4. includes a link to your podcast (wherever it is)
  5. includes image(s) sized and placed appropriately
  6. has an overall professional feel (no typos)
  7. page has links or a sub-page for your podcast

- Twine

  1. Twine background code
  2. uploaded to your website and linked from the homepage
  3. has a title
  4. credits you as author, somewhere
  5. exhibits a thoughtful, appropriate spatial structure
  6. includes some non-text content (such as embedded images, a video, etc.)
  7. does not include any “dead end” pages; back to home links are nice too.
  8. an about page somewhere (what are you doing and why did you do it this way?)

#### A Collaborative Twine (with code to steal)

[Haunted Hypertext]( is a collaborative Twine, co-authored with visitors to an IUP writing festival. The starting twine created a scenario with five difference spaces (each styled differently). Readers entered the narrative and, when they encountered a “dead-end,” were prompted to add the next passage through an embedded google form. ### Twine work

Twine Help:

[Twine Tweaks 2.0](

## AM-2

### Articles (daily)

Group presentations and class discussion:

DeVoss, Danielle et al. _Because Digital Writing Matters: Improving Student Writing in Online and Multimedia Environments. Jossey-Bass, 2010. [pdf](

Stern, Danielle and Michael D. D. WIllits. Social Media Killed the LMS.“ in Cutting Edge Technologies in Higher Education. Emerald, 2011. [PDF](

Waters, Audrey. [Selection 2 from]( Claim Your Domain And Own Your Online Presence. Solution Tree Press, 2016.

## PM-1

### Server App - Presentation

### Last ditch Twine help

## PM-2

### Sherwood, Further Tech Tips

- wiki editing - Web management

  1. protecting a directory
  2. hiding index page
  3. subdomain
  4. backups
  5. mailing list (dada mail)

- Random: [Dokuwiki](, Feed readers or [aggregators]( like [Feedly](, Embed codes for [Youtube videos]( and Google [Calendars](, [Bulletin boards](

## PM-3

### Share Multimodal Compositions

[Share the address of your Twine file](

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