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  1. Educause. Seven Things You Should Know About Personal Learning Environments. PDF
  2. Sparks, David and Eddie Smith. Excerpt from “Markdown MD A MackSparky Field Guide.” ND PDF



  • Discussion of PLE reading, digital “domains,” and the professional “digital identity” of the academic today.
  • See websites of IUP English faculty in Other Links - Comments on Faculty Pages
  • Individual Introductions


Markdown Workshop


  • Before lunch, let's register for domains. Pick your domain carefully (use .com or .net)
  • What is your website address


Web Domains

  1. Creating a domain of your own at Reclaim Hosting
  2. Share your domain name Google Doc for Website Addresses
  3. Basic web file management * Upload index.html * Upload one or more images and include them in your file * create and edit one subpage * Link and publish the second page
  4. Explore Reclaim tools. * Install a Wordpress blog in /blog. * Differences between normal html web pages and a web application * The database
    * Stability / migration.
    * Interactivity


CSS Workshop

  • Introduction to styling external style sheets


  1. Article presentation/discussion preparation: Sign up for article presentations
  2. Server App / Web 2.0 Demo (if you signed up). Server App Web Demo, Web Demonstration Format


  1. Readings for tomorrow's class. (Downes, Stephen. “E-Learning 2.0.” eLearn Magazine, October 2005. PDF, Kay, Allan. “Personal Dynamic Media,” New Media Reader, eds. Noah Wardrip Fruin and Nick Montfort. MIT Press: 2003. pdf, and Waters, Audrey. [Selection 1 from] Claim Your Domain And Own Your Online Presence. Solution Tree Press, 2016.pdf
  2. Further work on your homepage, adding content and developing your ability to use CSS.

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