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Dr. Kenneth Sherwood Summer 2020 Pre-session: May 18-22, M-F 8:30-4:30

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# Friday

## AM-1

- In-class writing: Blog prompt:

How has the use of technology in this class effected your engagement/learning (experience pro and con); and does it give you any ideas about what you would like to do as a teacher in the future. (What do you know? Or what do you think you still need to know?)

- Reading presentation: Miles, Mingle: Major Ch11

- Web Demo - Socrative - James, Annette, Sima

Lisa Mazey's home pageTristan's home page

## AM-2

- Open Lab

- Zoom Room Options: Wiki demo (Sherwood); Reclaim Hosting explorations (ex. managing class blogs, Buddypress, gallery apps, ownCloud); other tools such as (annotation); Twitter integration, etc.

- Option: discussion of CH 12, Online Teaching Annotated edition


## PM-1

- Final Lab

## PM-2 (2pm or earlier)

- Showcase

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