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# About Soundtrap

Soundtrap is a web-based multi-track audio editor. Its main advantages over Audacity or Garage Band are that it requires no installation AND is designed for collaboration. You can SHARE a project with a collaborator and even conduct a two-party recording call through the applications.

Limits - This works well with a fast internet connection, but less well if your wifi lags. You can export your end results (but you can only work on your project in Soundtrap). Trial accounts are free, but continued use does cost.

## Join Free as a Student

For 60 days you can use it freely. Use the join code “42RVFG7” to collaborate with members of the class.

- 30 Second Video on setting up an account - 30 Minute Demo on recording original audio, uploading external sound effects and music, mixing, and exporting

## Assignment Folder

(I'm still exploring how this works, but can use this link to work with my sample files in a shared project)

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