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Group Sign-Ups

There are several activities in this class requiring you to sign up individually or in groups for a specific presentation or topic, day, and time.

Reading Presentations (discussion leaders)

Google Doc for Articles

Working in pairs, you will lead discussion on two articles on two different days.

Web App Demo Presentations

Google Doc for App Presentations

Working with two partners, you will choose a Web 2.0 tool (Loom video, Twitter, Quizlet, Kahoot, etc.) or Reclaim server application, explore its academic professional uses, and share it with the class. You need only do one such presentation.



Google Doc for Website Addresses

Each student will create an individual professional website. You will bring this to a submission ready level by Friday. But you must share your address early in the week so I can follow your progress and help you!


Google Doc for Podcasts

You will work with one or two partners to record, edit and publish a podcast. Publishing entails uploading it to a blog. Your group members should each share it through their own blog but you can publish one address above.

Multimodal Composition / Twine Game

Google Doc for Twines

This piece will be composed in Twine, and you will then upload it to your professional website. You should also make a clear link from the main page of your site. You can take a variety of approaches, from creating an Interactive Fiction to building a game-like tutorial for students.


Google Doc for Wikis

While Wikipedia is the most infamous wiki, there are many uses for small, private or group wikis to create, organize, or collaborate in writing or providing information. Using a platform such as Dokuwiki (via Reclaim) you will create a demo that might be useful in your teaching or professional life.

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