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1. Audio of Robert Creeley reading poem 2. Voice over: introduce podcast; comment on poem. 3. Background music (jazz, from Creative Commons)


Intro Script:

Robert Creeley (1926 – 2005) was an American poet and author of more than sixty books. He is usually associated with the Black Mountain poets, and wrote with an affective, personal voice that conveyed authenticity and emotional struggle. At times cerebral, the poetry is always human and, in a term Creeley favored, “real.” The short lines and almost stuttering rhythm convey the sense of a person thinking and feeling, hard.

Other influences include the models of bebop jazz improvisers like Charlie Parker and Miles Davis. In their music, Creeley heard “individuality,” “exploration” and artists who were willing to risk thinking on their feet to capture the instantaneous experience of a moment in time.


This is Robert Creeley, reading “I Know a Man” in 1995 courtesy of PennSound. The poem was published in his 1962 volume _For Love_


In the introduction to the book _For Love_, Creeley wrote:

“Wherever it is one stubmles (to get to wherever) at lest some way will exist, so to speak, as and when a man takes this or that step – for which, god bless him. Insofar as these poems are such places, always they were ones stumbled into: warmth for a night perhaps, the misdirected intension come right; and too, a sudden instance of love, and the being loved, wherewith a man also contrives a world (of his own mind).

It seems to me, now, that I know less of these poems than will a reader, at least the reader for hwom – if I wrote for anyone – I have written. How much I should like to please! It is a constant concern.

That is, however, hopeful and pompous, and not altogether true. I write poems because it pleases me, very much – I think that is true. In any case, we live as we can, each day another – there is no use counting. Nor more, say , to live than what there is, to live. I want the poam as close to this fact as I can bring it; or it, me. ”


And now, a remix or collage of Creeley's voice….


Thanks to Pennsound for nonprofit use of Robert Creeley's recording. Music included: Ehran Elisha and Roy Campbell, “They Enter Through the Ear” and “The Father, The Son, and The Harold Rubin” Music is from from the Free Music Archive: licensed under a Cretive Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 3.0 International License.

SOURCES: Creeley: I know a Man. Courtesy of pennsound

Ehran Elisha and Roy Campbell, “They Enter Through the Ear” and “The Father, The Son, and The Harold Rubin”


A. Theme music: They Enter

B. Announce

C. further music: They Enter

D. Intro voice over:about Creeley.

E. Creeley: poem

F. Alt music, fade in: Father, Son …

G. Remix of Creeley

H. return of music, Father Son:

I. Outro credits and thanks.

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