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Your demonstration should take approximately 15 minutes.

## About Section Try to answer the following questions:

1. What is the tool? What is the “basic functionality”? 2. What are the learning goals to which it might contribute? 3. How might it be used in the classroom in practice? (What course, what kind of assignment?) 4. Or, what scholarly and professional use can you forsee?

You should create a sample or demo if possible and use it to explain the app or service. If the format doesn't allow, then include some materials on a wiki page or blog for this presentation. You may link to supporting sites or documents. You should create a sample or demo if possible. You might also provide some links to “live” instances created by other educators.

All work you do for this class should be linked from your website.

## Evaluation Section

1. What are some of the opportunities or pitfalls you see with this tool? 2. Is there a steep learning curve? Is it costly? 3. Can students be taught to use it? 4. Are there problems or limitations? Are there portability/migration issues? Are there privacy issues?

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