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Readings for today (in class):

Waters, Audrey. Selection from Claim Your Domain And Own Your Online Presence. Solution Tree Press, 2016. PDF

Duffy, Peter and Bruns, Axel (2006) The Use of Blogs, Wikis and RSS in Education: A Conversation of Possibilities. In Proceedings Online Learning and Teaching Conference 2006, pages pp. 31-38, Brisbane PDF



  • Individual Introductions
  • Orientation to Wiki and Teams
  • Syllabus Overview
  • In class reading: from Audrey Waters' Claim Your Domain
  • Discuss Waters' digital “domains,” digital literacy, and the professional “digital identity” of the academic today.
  • See websites of IUP English faculty in Other Links - Comments on Faculty Pages


HTML Workshop

  1. If you get through these basics quickly (or if you have some prior exposure to HTML), you might find it valuable to work through the sequence of W3Schools : Tutorials. In addition to the introduction, check out: Headings, Paragraphs, Links, Images, and Lists.


Lunch Break

Read Bruns.


Article discussion

Duffy and Bruns


Web Domains

  1. Share your domain name Google Doc for Website Addresses
  2. HTML Cheat Sheet (If you like a step-wise overview, you can also check out these great tutorials: Tutorials.)
  3. Add external link(s)
  4. Add a second page; link it
  5. Add an image.
  6. (optional) Explore other Reclaim tools.
  7. Install a Wordpress blog in /blog
  8. Differences between normal html web pages and a web application

  • The database
  • Stability / migration
  • Interactivity


  1. Websites list
  2. Article presentation and Web App Demos: Sign up hereGoogle Docs


  1. Readings for tomorrow's class. Downes, Stephen. “E-Learning 2.0.” eLearn Magazine, October 2005.PDF. Lee, Mark and Belinda Tynan. Podcasts and Distance Learning. Podcasting for Learning in Universities. Palgrave, 2008. Ch9 PDF full volume via IUP Ebrary Educause. Seven Things You Should Know About Personal Learning Environments. PDF
  2. Further work on your homepage, adding content and developing your ability to use CSS.
  3. Prepare if you are signed up for a presentation tomorrow.
  4. Write a technology self-reflection on your blog.

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