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Given what you've learned, the challenges and rewards you've faced this week, what aspects of digital practice seem promising for your own teaching?


Open Lab

Status Checks

  • Blog
    • functioning (online)
    • accessible from your homepage
    • no unapproved comments waiting
    • template customized appropriately (No “My Blog” or “just another wordpress blog”)
  • Webpage
    • home or landing page (index.html) is accessible and appropriately named
    • home page links to additional page(s) on your site
    • pages are styled (colors, fonts, etc.) through an external stylesheet on your site (i.e. style.css)
    • includes a link to your podcast (wherever it is)
    • includes image(s) sized and placed appropriately
    • has an overall professional feel (no typos)
  • Twine
    • uploaded to your website and linked from the homepage
    • has a title
    • credits you as author, somewhere
    • exhibits a thoughtful, appropriate spatial structure
    • includes some non-text content (such as embedded images, a video, etc.)
    • does not include any “dead end” pages; back to home links are nice too.

Twine Help:


Articles (daily)

Group presentations and class discussion:

DeVoss, Danielle et al. _Because Digital Writing Matters: Improving Student Writing in Online and Multimedia Environments. Jossey-Bass, 2010.pdf

Stern, Danielle and Michael D. D. WIllits. Social Media Killed the LMS.“ in Cutting Edge Technologies in Higher Education. Emerald, 2011. PDF

Waters, Audrey. [Selection 2 from] Claim Your Domain And Own Your Online Presence. Solution Tree Press, 2016.


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Last ditch Twine help


Share Multimodal Compositions

Paul, Greg towards a Conclusion

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