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You're invited to join my group “BlackMountain-Sherwood” on GroupMe.


I am sure that you are following the news closely and university closure announcements. We have a very small class, so we might consider continuing face to face meetings. However, I am also aware that some of you will have intensified work and family obligations in the coming weeks.

Given that we already had an alternate plan for next week, I would like to continue to follow that plan AND schedule a synchronous Zoom-faciliated class on 3/23.

While I much prefer the face-to-face dynamic, I consider that we might be able to approximate that dialogue via Zoom given how small our class is. I'm open to your feedback on this; and, also, I'm assuming that you would all be able to have reasonable connectivity to participate in Zoom classes.

Course wiki

We'll continue to use the course wiki for responses etc.


I've established a GroupMe chat for our class. This third party service will allow for you to access via cell or laptop. (I'm finding my IUP email is exploding beyond usefulness at the moment.)


Zoom is the IUP video conference tool. It works on nearly any device (phone, tablet, laptop) with a good internet connection. Wifi is best. It's possible to telephone in (via voice) as a backup.

Here is the short-cut to my standing Zoom room

Assignment plans

Assuming that our synchronous class meeting works as anticipated, I think we should be able to follow-through with the work of the course as originally planned.

Office Hours - via Zoom

My current plan is to maintain the regular office hours as reflected on (GCAL:

Assuming Zoom continues to work well for us, we can consult through our Zoom room:

As always, you can contact me to setup alternate meeting times.

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