## Week 7

# Tuesday

Bringing your website and blog up to date. (I reviewed everyone's work prior submitting mid-term grades. Some students were missing a lot. If you've done the work but it's not visible, you can't get credit!)

## Brief Discussion of Reading

Book: Remixing Personae. The site Remix The Book explores similar ideas, with some networked projects other writers, musicians, artists et al created in response to Mark Amerika.

## Blog Post on Project



1.) Vision or Mission

2.) Platform (and affordances)

3.) Execution

4.) Capture / Presentation

## Collaborative Assignment Description


# HW: Proposal on Your Blog by the end of the day Wednesday —

# Thursday

- working on social media networked project

- discussion with Sherwood

- solving problems

# Spring Break

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# Week 8 - March 17 / 19

Sherwood is away at a workshop. No face-to-face class 3/17 or 3/19

## Progress Report - Due Monday 3/16 - Online

- Lengthy Blog Post - document your progress on the Social Media Networked Text Project. - Include at least 3 screen captures - Include a link (if possible) so that classmates can review and comment.

## Peer Response - Due Wednesday 3/18 - Online

- Respond substantively to the progress reports of 3 classmates. “Substantive” means write at least a paragraph; don't just say “looks good.”

## Due Tuesday 3/24

### Social Media Network Text Project - Complete

This should be accessible via your website and blog. You MUST CAPTURE it somehow, so that it can be viewed by folks not on your social media network.

You will present it in class on Tuesday 3/24.