Week 6

# Tuesday

## Player Testing

### Discussion : What makes a good Hypertext?

1. Group input - create survey

Take Survey


## Sherwood Twine Tips

1. small font-short lines (changing font sizes, colors, and background)

2. How to Rename story to Index.html

3. Proof read on paper

## Discussion of Social Media

Form / Content:

Elit - Fall of the House of Marsha link

Elit - Alan Bigelow Instagram

Elit - Bigelow How to Rob a Bank

Elit - JR Carpenter Google Map

# Homework

Proofread and publish your Twine to your website. twine. Make sure it is in the /twine folder and make sure the file is named “index.html”

# Thursday

## Social Media

How do the traditional writing terms of “author,” “reader” and “text” get reshaped by networks and social media? What are the affordances of specific social media platforms (Twitter /= Facebook /= Snapchat /= Vine)? How does online culture shape our senses of creativity, originality, and expression?

Your next project will engage with social media in some way. It can be collaborative.

Network Themes

What is a persona?

What is a remix?

How are ideas about the person, privacy, and the social changing?

From Born Digital, Palfrey and Gasser

Mark Amerika and Laura Kim

Overview and Video Remixing Personae

Book: Remixing Personae


1.) Vision or Mission

2.) Platform (and affordances)

3.) Execution

4.) Capture / Presentation

## Homework

Read Remixing Persona above. Post some ideas about your next project. Consider more than one option.